Insulating foil

Insulating foil for the floor, bottom and roof

Insulation foil is easy to use because of its flexibility and customization. The material is easy to handle and can be quickly applied, even around pipes and other objects that need to be insulated. In addition, the film has an excellent moisture-regulating effect and is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Bottom foil

Fortuin Insulation is your partner for high-quality custom ground foil.
Our ground foil offers excellent protection against moisture, mold and vermin, making it the ideal solution for insulating your floor or crawl space. With more than 10 years of experience in the insulation industry, we know exactly what it takes to properly insulate your home or business premises.

Our ground film is easy to install and can be applied quickly, saving you time and money. Moreover, the material is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, so you also contribute to a more sustainable future. We offer ground foil in different thicknesses and sizes, so you always find the right solution for your specific insulation needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner for your insulation project, Fortuin Insulation is the right place for you. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you insulate your floor or crawl space with high-quality ground film.

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Floor foil

Floor foil is a type of insulation foil used to cover and insulate the underside of a floor. It prevents moisture from the soil from penetrating into the floor and provides protection against mold and vermin. Floor foil is often used in combination with other insulation materials to achieve optimal insulation value.

The main difference between floor foil and ground foil is the purpose for which they are used. Bottom foil is used to insulate the bottom or crawl space under the floor, while floor foil is applied to the underside of the floor itself. Ground foil is usually thicker and sturdier than floor foil, because it must be able to withstand the weight of the floor and any load.

Another difference is that floor foil is often used to solve moisture problems in older homes, while ground foil is more suitable for new homes where the crawl space has already been sealed. Floor foil is also useful in insulating wooden floors, while bottom foil is mainly used on concrete floors.

If you are considering using floor foil for your insulation project, it is important to choose the right thickness and dimensions to achieve optimal insulation. It is also important to ensure that the floor film is properly installed and sealed to prevent moisture problems.

Whether you need floor foil or ground foil, Fortuin Insulation can help you choose the right solution for your insulation needs. Our insulation specialists are ready to answer all your questions and help you plan and implement your insulation project. Contact us today for more information.

Roof foil

Roof foil is an important part of the insulation of your roof. It protects your roof against moisture, rain, wind and other weather influences and helps to improve the insulation value of your roof. At Fortuin Insulation we offer high-quality custom roofing foil, which is suitable for all types of roofs and roof coverings.

Our roofing film is made of high-quality materials and is very durable and environmentally friendly. It is easy to install and provides excellent protection against moisture and mold, which can significantly extend the life of your roof. In addition, our roof foil can be combined with other insulation materials to achieve optimal insulation value.

Whether you have a flat roof, a sloping roof or another type of roof, Fortuin Insulation can help you choose the right roof foil for your insulation needs. Our insulation specialists are ready to advise and guide you in planning and implementing your insulation project.

If you are looking for high-quality roofing foil for your insulation project, Fortuin Insulation is the right place for you. Contact us today for more information and discover how we can help you insulate your roof for optimal protection and insulation of your home or business premises.

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Roel van Kuetsem
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Bauke Van der Laan
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david willemse
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justi jansen
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Kasper Vullings
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henriette van Megen
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Bart Claassen
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Thea Simons
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Why Fortuin Insulation?

Fortuin Insulation specializes in a total solution (insulation and finishing) for both the private and business markets. After an expert examination by one of our insulation experts, you will receive tailor-made advice. We will then discuss an action plan with you. Our insulation technicians will then carry out the work carefully.

Fortuin Insulation only works with renowned products such as:

  • Knauf Supafil spouwmuur isolatie
  • Knauf Timberframe Dakisolatie
  • Kingspan binnen en buiten dak isolatie
  • Enverifoam Spouwmuurisolatie
  • Fermacel en gips
  • PIF / vloer, dakisolatie
  • Bodemisolatie HR+++ parels

Contact us now and our advisor will visit you free of charge and without obligation to give you professional advice about the right insulation material for your home or business premises.


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